The Wonderful World of Eamon


Eamon contains many different adventures of many different styles. Some are fantasy or sci-fi, contain a quest or just hack-and-slash. Some are aimed at beginners and others are for veteran adventurers only. Choose your fate and perish (or profit)...

Assault on the Clone Master

By: Keith Dechant

While you are traveling to the far-away land of Knieriem, a war breaks out with the feared clone army of the infamous Clone Master. Go with some rebel commandos to attack the Clone Master's headquarters and destroy his cloning machines to earn your way home. Inspired by the Classic Eamon adventure by Donald Brown.


Assault on the Mole Man

By: John Nelson

You heard of strange rumblings in the Marewood Forest, a few miles outside of town. Being the inquisitive sort, you decide to go to the forest to investigate. Little did you know what sort of subterranean world you would discover!


Beginner's Forest

By: Margaret Anderson

A pleasant hike through the forest turns scary when you are set upon by some spooks! A good choice for your first adventure.


Eamon Deluxe 5.0 Demo Adventure

By: Frank Black

The Eamon Deluxe Demo Adventure is a demonstration of the basic game play of Eamon Deluxe and the special events provided by the built in features.


Escape from the Orc Lair

By: Jay Hinkelman

You are captured by a band of orcs. Now you must fight your way out of their lair!


By: William Davis

You accept a mission to track down a band of smugglers operating out of a nearby town. You quickly realize you're in way over your head.

The Abductor's Quarters

By: Jim Jacobson

Fight your way through a dungeon controlled by a renegade adventurer with a taste for torture. Save your friend if you can!


The Beginner's Cave

By: Donald Brown

The Beginner's Cave has been set up by the Warlord as a service to all Free Adventurers, giving them a chance to try their skills in a not-too-dangerous setting.


The Cave of the Mind

By: Jim Jacobson, Red Varnum

You should know better than to drink strange potions. Now you have to survive a cave full of creatures, some magical and some not so magical. And who, or what, is the Mind?


The Caves of Treasure Island

By: Paul Braun, Geoffrey Genz

Rescue a captured adventurer from pirates on a volcanic island.


The Devil's Dungeon

By: Jeanette Merrill

A jaunt through a dungeon filled with classic D&D-style horrors, plus a cameo by one of the most iconic movie villains of all time.


The Lair of the Minotaur

By: Donald Brown

What respectable castle doesn't have a minotaur pit to throw meddlesome thieves into? And you might just be mistaken for one of those thieves. This is one of the earliest Eamon adventures, written by Donald Brown just after the original Beginner's Cave. It is a good example of the style of the first adventures, circa 1980.


The Last Dragon

By: Roger Pender

You are looking for a mighty quest, when you find a dying elf who speaks of dragons and great treasure. Can you challenge the Last Dragon and survive?


The Magic Kingdom

By: David Cook

Recently, a local evil sorcerer was spying on you through his crystal ball. He overheard you talking about him and, having a short temper like most evil sorcerers, he instantly banished you to the Magic Kingdom, thinking you would never return.


The Prince's Tavern

By: Bob Davis

The king of a nearby country sends you to the notorious Prince's Tavern to find a priceless bottle of 600-year-old Scotch. But what rowdy creatures and horrors wait inside?


The Training Ground

By: Charles Hewgley

Finished the Beginner's Cave but not sure you're ready for that big, bad world? Visit the Training Ground to hone your skills and pick up some loot in the process!